Give before you receive

I believe the more we give, the more we will get in return. Logical thinking would say that, when you give, for example money, your cash account will be reduced. But God works in mysterious ways. He promises to reward those who give generously, so we should focus on finding ways to give even more. The reward will come whether we expect it or not. We should not expect any worldly returns out of giving. It should be done out of a sincere wish to help those in need.

Giving is not limited to money or material things. Many things can be considered giving. This is great because not everyone can afford to give money. But we can change other peoples’ lives by giving love, forgiveness, time or energy.

We should start with giving to the family first. The least we can do is to forgive. Offer forgiveness to other important people in our lives, such as our spouse, siblings, other family members and friends. Once forgiveness is sincerely given, it’s like a burden has been lifted from our shoulders. It will be that much easier to enjoy life again. More importantly, it will be easier to love again.

Give before we receive. Show love to our spouses and we can expect better treatment. Spend loving times with the children before demanding their cooperation, obedience and respect. This requires patience and determination but the rewards will taste sweeter and last even longer.

The same strategy can also be applied to money. Most people wait to have a tidy sum before giving any away. Guess what? There’s always nothing left at the end of the month. Let’s try the “give first” strategy and experience the magic.

Trust that the returns will come one way or another. In terms of family, the returns are in the form of a stronger relationship. Happiness will grow when we enjoy one another’s company.

In short, the power of giving is too huge to ignore. Whether it’s money, love, forgiveness, time or energy, they are the catalysts towards creating a better world, not only for ourselves but also for others. Harness this power by giving. Don’t worry about what we are going to get but worry about whether we are giving enough.

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